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What should you choose: an expensive, modern CMS, or a cheap but unattractive website?

We have noticed such a problem among our customers. They wanted nice and modern websites that would support their marketing activities; however, the lack of a budget for preparing an interesting graphic design or building and maintaining a flexible website was an obstacle.



We decided to take up the challenge.

After a few months of intensive work, we built a perfect solution for you.

Introducing Droopler!


These days, every growing and developing company needs a nice and modern website that can be easily managed. Unfortunately, not everyone has the budget for hiring a web developer and graphic designer or building a website from scratch.
The solutions which are available on the market are either expensive or have limited expandability. This is often accompanied by low security and unattractive appearance.
Based on the needs of our customers, we have developed the principles and assumptions of Droopler:

  • it needs to be visually attractive and modern;
  • it needs to be secure;
  • it should allow for flexible management of the website content without programming knowledge;
  • it should be available free of charge as Open Source software.


Build your website like Lego blocks.

Each page on the Internet contains repetitive sections such as headers, footers, banners, photos, text sections, contact forms. In Droopler, these sections are ready-made and available out of the box. Simply select any of them and arrange them in any order that suits you. Using the available sections, you can create an unlimited number of subpages. That's all you need to build your website.

Creating a perfect website has never been so easy! 


Discover the capabilities of Droopler

Nice and modern design

We have been working for a very long time on the final design. Each element has been carefully thought out. Fonts, colours, layout of elements – all this will make your website attractive to your customer.


Content built with Droopler is perfectly presented on your computer, as well as on your phone or tablet.

Flexibility and no constraints

Using Droopler, you can add any number of subpages and sections, in any order you want. You have full control over your website and it will be exactly the way you want it.

It also offers you the possibility to expand the system with additional modules and functions. Droopler is based on the best CMS system – Drupal 8.

Support for SEO

Droopler HTML code is optimised for search engines. In the system, you will also find modules for setting metatags and redirections. You can easily integrate your website with Google Analytics and Google Tag Manager.

Modern technology

From the very beginning, we thought of Droopler as a system that would work for many years, which is why we have used the most modern components to build it. Droopler is based on the latest version of Drupal (8.4) and the latest version of Bootstrap (version 4). The system also uses the Symfony Framework and PHP 7. Should the need arise to expand your system, Droopler offers the latest technologies enabling further expansion.

See sample pages built using Droopler.


We have prepared a special demo version of Droopler. See how attractive your website can be!

Epic Balanceboards is a place where you can buy a balance board. Thanks to Droopler, the products presented to a potential customer look very encouraging.

See what Droopler has in store for you.

For small and medium-sized enterprises

Small and medium-sized enterprises can use Droopler as an excellent tool for building a website or product pages.

For Enterprise

Large companies which create multiple marketing campaigns, landing pages and many new products can use Droopler as a “website factory”.

For programmers and developers

Developers and programmers will find that Droopler is an ideal base for building more complex websites and web applications.